Sponsor Bailey a pet in need with Foster Army Animal Rescue in Riverside, CA
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Sponsor Bailey

Estimated Date of Birth: 4/25/2009
Male Shepherd Mix

Bailey first came to our attention when he was at Animal Control. He had been confiscated from his previous owner, and was nothing but skin and bones. His fur was brittle, matted, and bald in patches. He walked with a pronounced limp.

Had he lived his entire nine years of life in cruel conditions? Did anyone ever show him kindness? Had anyone ever looked into his big brown eyes and asked, “Who’s a good boy?” We don’t know the answer to any of those questions, all we knew was that we couldn’t leave him behind. Upon his first vet visit, we found he had a broken hip, a bullet of some kind lodged inside his body, and a heart murmur. But with the kindness and love of his foster parents (and a little bit of medicine), he began to improve with leaps and bounds. Until this weekend. His fosters noticed he was acting funny. Thinking quickly, they rushed him into the emergency vet around midnight, only to find that he had Bloat, a life-threatening condition. After major surgery and months of recovery, he was back on his paws, happy and ready for the park. 

But again, malady struck when he began to suffer from Vestibular Apparatus - very similar to vertigo. Although he is better now, he has racked up quite a medical bill, between initial x-rays and treatment for his hip, surgery for bloat, and trips to the emergency vet. This sweet, lovable senior is worth every penny (upwards of $5000), but we need your help to continue serving animals like Bailey.

Daisy Needs a Home!

Please share Daisy’s story, so that she can find a family who needs her!!!