Our Mission and Values

Foster Army ANimal Rescue

Our Mission

Foster Army Animal Rescue strives to rescue the most vulnerable of shelter animals. Our goal is to create a safe haven for homeless pets, focusing on treatable companion animals from local shelters, providing loving foster homes, medical care, and behavioral support until they can be adopted into quality forever homes.

Since 2016, 100% of Foster Army’s animal intakes are placed in caring foster homes.

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Animal welfare is the primary purpose that ties us together. Our mission of treating vulnerable, at-risk companion animals inspires us to make humane and ethical decisions that prepare our foster pets for placement into responsible forever homes. We take advantage of opportunities to educate the public on the benefits of reducing inflow to animal shelters by controlling pet overpopulation and being responsible pet owners. 


Foster Army Animal Rescue treats the rescue and community partners, including animal control agencies, with the utmost respect. The sources of our incoming animals and partners in rehabilitation/placement are equal partners in achieving our mission. We must actively pursue a shared vision of making a challenging situation better by collaboration and compassion. We always care for our partners and collaborators.


We show adopters respect and gratitude for supporting our mission. We refuse to make placements that pose significant, predictable risk to either animals or adopters. We make every effort to understand adopters’ needs and limitations, so that placements are compatible with longterm success and adherence to our adoption policies. Adoptions are uncompromising in upholding the values of Foster Army, and the ultimate goal is finding the best possible matches for our pets. In the event that denials must be made, they are only in the best interest of our pets. Adoption applications are reviewed without discrimination, and denials are made tactfully and in a non-judgmental manner. 

Employees & Volunteers

All employees and volunteers are asked to take a pledge to treat people with respect and kindness, regardless of ethnicity, sex, religious creed, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, nation of origin, or disabilities. FAAR leadership encourages diversity, and provides proper training and development to ensure understanding of goals/objectives and policies/procedures. We encourage creativity and initiative in resolving problems while providing clear guidance on any limitations. We strive to recognize achievements and behaviors that are in support of our mission and provide positive motivation for employees and volunteers.


We can only pursue our vision and mission through the generosity of donors.  We encourage their continued participation by recognizing their contributions in a timely manner and sharing information on how their donations will be or have been put to use.  We strive to understand their reasons for donating in support of our mission, and cultivate a grateful environment to motivate their continued participation.